Kuortane, Finland - May 11, 2015 - In the first leg of the thirty-six day trip and prior to the 2015 World League matches, the Iran Volleyball Team arrived in Finland Sunday, May 10th, to begin the preparatory camp in Olympic Training Center of Kuortane, 360 kilometers from Helsinki.

The Iranian squad are scheduled to play three friendly matches verses Finnish Volleyball Team, on May 14th, 15th and 16th. The last two matches will  be played in Leppävirta. Iran will continue with another training camp in Czech Republic from May 17-24, and play two friendly matches before leaving for USA.

"Finland has made remarkable progress over the last 10 years, and it would be good for Iran preparation to play the Finnish team", Slobodan Kovac stated in an exclusive interview with Hooman Bagheri, the IRIVF Press Officer. Here is more from the Iran's team Serbian Coach on the second day of the training camp.

"This is our second day in Finland and we are going to start the training sessions from today. There is no serious physical problem in the team. There are small injuries in two opposite players; But we try our best to reach the maximum power for the World League matches. The condition in Finland training camp is very good in the Olympic Center. We have everything to work hard and continue. In general, the journalists and others do not know much about the quality of the Finnish team. Over the past 10 years, Finland has played very good volleyball and it is a good opportunity for us, maybe to change this mentality about other unknown teams."

"We did not play well at the end of the World Championship in Poland last year, because we did not have enough knowledge about our opponents, Germany and France. They were not as famous as USA, Italy, Russia and Brazil. We played very good volleyball against these teams. This is a good opportunity to understand how it is important to be ready to play every team and remain strong at every moment."

Slobodan Kovac, known as Boban continued as saying: "I have some new players that I would like to test them in these friendly matches. If we want to take new steps forward, we must try more and be fully prepared and remove the weak points. There are some new faces and young players who would be very good for Iran team, not only in the future, but also at present.  So, this is good opportunity to play more friendly matches, and try to have better knowledge about the strengths of new players as well. Therefore, we are not concerned about the results, rather, we focus on bringing more consistency among players. So, we may have some new players for the World League in Iran team."

Iran finished sixth in the 2014 World Championship in Poland and fourth in 2014 World League competitions. The Iranian squad will line up against USA, Poland and Russia in Pool B of Group one in 2015 World League.